OKCannaShop Dispensary, Processor and Grower Advertising

OKCannaShop provides enhanced visibilty for Licensed Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, Processors and Growers.

Our services are wide ranging with a clear focus on what you need, when you need it.

Focused. Flexible. Beneficial.

We focus on functions and processes that matter to your customers, to your business, to you.

OKCannaShop Dispensary

Dispensary, CBD Advertising

Merchandise and sell your products, connect product videos, feature items, brand your business and keep your customers informed. We'll customize a package for you.

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OKCannaShop Advertising

Brand Product Advertising

Brand your products effectively with consistency in presentation. You can have confidence that each of your retailers provide the exact product item presentation that reflects your brand.

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OKCannaShop Wholesale Marketplace

Wholesale Marketplace

You can buy products from or sell products to dispensaries, licensed brand manufacturers, processors and growers. Manage inventory, purchases and customers, through the OKCannaShop Wholesale Marketplace.

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